Regimental Association

The Regimental Association exists to promote the welfare of all ranks, past and present of the Regiment and its antecedents. It also promotes espirit de corps, comradeship and Regimental interest amongst serving and former soldiers of the Regiment of all ranks, including the Reserves and ACF units of or associated to the Regiment.



At some point in a person’s life they may need a little help to get them through a difficult patch.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland Benevolent Society provides financial help to members of the Regiment and some of our antecedent regiments including their dependants, when they need it most.

Examples include help for those who:

  • Have health-related needs
  • Would benefit from respite
  • Are at risk of homelessness
  • Need training or retraining to get work

From 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 The Royal Regiment of Scotland supported a total of 128 welfare requests for funding, allocating £172,640 of regimental and service charity money.

Applications should be made through SSAFA – see How to apply

Grants to pay off debts or for funerals will not normally be awarded unless there are exceptional circumstances. All requests must be supported by a SSAFA case report.


For the Regiment to continue helping our serving soldiers and veterans we need your help.  If you wish to make a contribution to our benevolence fund click here

Welfare Bulletins

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