The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands
1 RANGER UK Golf Tour

Eight member of the Battalion recently embarked on a ten-day golf tour of the UK, taking in the delights of five different golf courses and finishing up with the Infantry Championships at York Golf Club. This was an opportunity to enhance relations between 1 RANGER and the SCOTS Association and to maintain the golden thread of the Antecedent Battalions; The Royal Scots (Royal Regiment), The King's Own Scottish Borderers and 1 SCOTS.

This was the teams first trip as a 1 RANGER golf society, embarking with a combi-van pack with the 'all-important' golf kit and enough bedding to kit out any Battalion in Scotland.

The first game was at Strathmore Golf Centre playing alongside the SCOTS Association, a competitive yet friendly game with lovely weather. Next the team moved to play at the Merchant Golf Club in Edinburgh with The Royal Scots Association.  Again, with great weather, there was no need for waterproofs or umbrellas.  The third round of golf was played at Swanston Golf Club, where the opportunity was taken to have a round of golf with some 1 SCOTS veterans. Another fantastic day of challenging golf and great banter, with some questionable handicaps!

The final practice before heading to the Infantry Championships was in Berwick, to The King's Own Scottish Borderers Association.  The team were greeted by Major (Retired) Spike Thornton, who gave a great tour of the museum followed by a fantastic game of golf at Magdalene Fields Golf Club.

It was then off to York Golf Club, a beautiful course with pro golf event greens, to get ready for the Infantry Championships. The next few days saw some competitive golf with Army and Infantry golfers in the field. The weather was glorious with 'squaddie tans' for everyone but the final day brought a down pour described as 'biblical'.

The 1 RANGER team were placed runner up in the Stableford team event and two golfers placed in the top 10 Stableford from a total of 66 golfers.

Over the ten days the the team developed stronger relations with their Antecedent Battalions and fostered an 'esprit de corps' within the group.

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