The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands
Afghan Family Gathering

On Saturday 29 April 2023 Afghan families who resettled in West Lothian gathered for a social event.  The event was organised by John Carson (former 4 SCOTS Officer) who volunteers with West Lothian Council to assist and support Afghan families in the county.  By sheer coincidence the head of the first family to resettle in West Lothian 12 months ago was an interpreter for John on Op HERRICK 14 (Kouchai Zaki).  Kouchai also supported 2 SCOTS on Op HERRICK 13.  All of the families are settling in well to life in Scotland and speak fondly of the time they spent with UK forces during Op HERRICK.

The event focused on the 17 children of the families and was held at The Hive soft play.  Parents of the children also attended along with some of the key people who have supported them in their transition from Afghanistan to the UK.  The objectives for the event were to build closer relationships between the families and assist with their transition into West Lothian / UK.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland Trust donated £250 for the event.  All other costs were paid by West Lothian Council from other donations.