The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands

This quarter has seen Cruachan and his beloved companion 'Nightcap' out and about on their travels once again! They attended the Wrexham Military Tattoo along with their friends and fellow Army Mascots. These include ponies, a goat, a ram and dogs; all of whom behaved well ‘for the most part’. All the Army Mascots represented their respective Regiment with 'pride'.

En route to Wrexham Cruachan and Nightcap stopped off at Woodlans Primary school in Ellesmere Port to see the children who have been following him on social media and sending him letters and drawings. The Pony Major judged some of the drawings and pictures of Cruachan and Nightcap and awarded prizes to the best in each age category. A wonderful visit and lasting memories for the children.

Cruachan also recently supported Poppy Scotland at Waverley Bridge in Edinburgh for Remembrance Day 2022. He was wearing his poppy rug with pride and the public were extremely happy to see him, all helps to add to the Poppy Scotland collection pots.