The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands

Many congratulations to Lt Bird from Balaklava Company (5 SCOTS) who this year has been awarded first prize in the Military Non-Operational category of the Junior Officer’s and Officer Cadets’ Prize Fund. Lt Bird has been a Platoon Commander in 5 SCOTS since May 2022.  During this period, he has been involved Scottish Ceremonial Public Duties including Holyrood Palace Guard, Royal Guard at Balmoral and Operation UNICORN.  Lt Bird was also charged with the additional duty of Sports officer.

Lt Bird threw himself into this task and developed the company sporting program which has seen the delivery of rock-climbing foundation courses, the establishment of an FA approved football team and, attendance and success at the majority of Aberdeenshire Highland Games. Lt Bird has led from the front regarding sports and has demonstrated his physical fitness during several athletic events including hill races.

Although Lt Bird has only been in the Field Army for 6 months he has shown a maturity and work ethic beyond his experience.  He is proving to be a leader who leads from the front and can deliver a variety of outputs including many from outside of his training.

‘Be the standard for others to follow’