The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands

3 SCOTS is in prime location to take advantage of the fantastic Adventurous Training opportunities. 3 SCOTS want to set up more unit generated opportunities, concentrating on rock climbing, mountain biking and canoeing- with WO2 Roadnight leading the latter. To ensure he is suitably qualified he took advantage of the conveniently located foundation AT Centre in Cameron Barracks.

WO2 Roadnight’s training began with a Foundation Kayaking course (K2F), focusing on basic setup, learning different strokes and how to negotiate moving water and the many hazards. The training also taught how to do an assisted rescue as predictably some on the course spent a fair amount of time upside down in the water on the first day!  Towards the end of the week, the course participants were comfortable enough to go on to River Ness.

After a week’s break WO2 Roadnight attended the Kayaking Intermediate course (K3N) and after initial checks on the basics he and those on the course were off on River Spey, to attempt the self-righting Eskimo rolls. The highlight of this week was the trip down River Morriston where the water was faster and higher than previously encountered.

Once he completed this element WO2 Roadnight needed to achieve 10 hours assisting a course instructor, which he did as part of another K2F course at Cameron Barracks. Following this he was one step closer to being able to attend the Canoe Instructor Level One course, ensuring the battalion would have the ratio required to conduct their own planned local canoeing expeditions.

Having achieved sufficient Kayaking qualifications WO2 Roadnight only had to complete the Open Canoe Foundation (O2F). He was fortunate to get a last-minute place at Ballachulish AT Centre (one of the last courses they run prior to closing paddling down for winter). This week saw him learn the basics in an open canoe. The previous experience in kayaks made the week for him much easier. WO2 Roadnight is now ready for his Canoe Level One course which he will attend in February 2023.

Once WO2 Roadnight has completed this course, 3 SCOTS will be able to self-generate AT opportunities on a regular basis for the benefit of all those in Fort George.

WO2 Roadnight said: “Adventurous Training done well takes you from your comfort zone and promotes personal growth through controlled risk with the aim of enhancing operational capability; it’s also fun too!”

Watch this space next March when 3 SCOTS will start monthly, local Canoeing and MTB expeditions, showcasing the beauty of the highlands to the ‘Jocks’ and making them appreciate a posting to Fort George.