The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands
Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 2021

Cenotaph London 2021.

The SCOTS marching contingent consisted of seven former SCOTS and a HLDR at this year’s national act of remembrance at the Cenotaph in London. We were delighted to take our place at the front of the Scottish Division marching contingents. Although small in numbers, we took great pride in representing the Regiment and did manage to keep the step all the way around!

Left to Right: Kieron Potts, Jonathan Tink, Norrie Mackinnon, Kev Wood, Stuart McCauley, Graeme Smith, Kev Gartside, Gordon Vevers.

Highlands and Islands Branch Remembrance Day

Pete Marshall, Roddy McPhee, Mike Duffus, Colin Marshall. SCOTS Association Highlands and Islands Branch immaculate Standard Bearer CSgt Roddy McPhee

The West of Scotland Branch

SCOTS Association Veteran Cpl Paul Anderson parading the SCOTS Association West of Scotland Branch standard, alongside the RHF Association standard for the Glasgow remembrance parade.

Garden of Remembrance at Westminster.  

Brigadier Adrian Reilly was the senior SCOTS Officer on parade at the opening ceremony this year.  

SCOTS on parade were: L to R Major Frazer Stark, Major Findlay Anderson, Major Mike Payne

Members of B Coy 1 SCOTS who served in WISHTAN Afghanistan got together for remembrance in Edinburgh.  Many thanks to Captain Paul Naismith for providing the coordination and being the linkman to RHQ.  The lads hope this may become an annual social RV and parade attendance in Edinburgh.

Post parade in the Edinburgh.

This year’s Aberdeen Remembrance parade saw Gordon’s, Highlanders and SCOTS veterans parading together.