The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands


The Regiment has signed a contract with the All Arms Marketing and Manufacturing Company, better known as Ammo & Co, to deliver all regimental items not available through the army supply chain. This will include regimental jerseys, stable belts and SCOTS branded sports clothing.

The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands
Mess Jkt
7 x SCOTS pattern mess dress Jckts (small, medium, large and X-large). Price range from £170 to £250.
Five jckt with shoulder cords
Mess Jkt (Tropical)
1 x tropical mess dress jckt, medium size, excellent condition. Price £50.
Colour white
Waist Coat
5 x mess dress waistcoats (small, medium, large and X-large), excellent condition. Price to be agreed.
One large size is non-SCOTS pattern, but could be altered.
Blue Patrol
4 x Blue Patrol Jckts (medium and large), excellent condition . Price to be agreed.
All jckts non-SCOTS pattern.
Service Dress Jkt
6 x service dress jckts (small, medium and large), excellent conditions. Price to be agreed
4 x Highland cut, 1 x Lowland cut and 1 x English style.
Brown Belt
2 x new (small) brown belts, excellent condition. £25
Regimental Jersey
1 x medium jersey, excellent condition £40. 1 x small jersey, new, £50
No.4 Dress Jkt
3 x No4 dress jckts (medium and large), excellent condition. Price to be agreed.
No.4 Dress Trousers
1 x No4 dress trousers, medium size, excellent condition. Price £50
Sam Brown
2 x sam brown. Good condition. Nil cost
Blue Shirt
7 x blue shirt, size 15" and 17" collar, very good condition. Price £15/20. 1 x new, £50 15 1/2"
Full Ball Hose
3 x full ball hose (2 x new and 1 x used) excellent condition. Price £25 to £50
SCOTS Pattern
Buckled, Evening, Highland shoes
2 x Offrs Mess Dress, brogues, size 8.5 and 9, very good condition. Price £30/40
Kilt, A&SH Offrs
2 x A and SH offr style kilts, good condition. Price £100 and £75.
Both kilts are super fine tartan
Blackcock Feather
£40, 2 x genuine blackcock tail feathers, very good
Real authentic, blackcock feather. Need dressed to wear in glengarry

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