The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands
Filming the First World War
June 28, 2023
Capt Parker offering some creative direction on the old rail tracks.

The Learning Hub is now home to a series of films depicting life in the trenches during the First World War. With thanks to the Scots at War Living History Group who kindly offered their time - and hand-dug trench at Lathalmond, Fife - and the SCOTS Infantry Engagement who supplied the technical know-how and equipment, we are delighted to launch a 10-minute film (don't worry, we've broken it down to 3 shorter clips for those short on time!).

The idea was to create a 'virtual object handling' session, just like we would do in the Museum, where learners could see a First World War soldier wearing and explaining their objects as if they had been transported back in time. Much more interesting than the Museum team in their civvies!

In an attempt to capture the true conditions of trench life, our Learning Officer Sharon headed off to Fife on a bitterly cold and wet Sunday in December. The aim to capture the climate, uniform and equipment of a First World War soldier was certainly achieved as the trusty Scottish weather delivered muddy, flooded trenches. The Scots at War group, styled as members of the 'Dandy 9th' (9th Battalion, The Royal Scots), demonstrated cooking in the trenches, showed off their uniforms and explained how soldiers would pass the time - they even had a go at cooking a very large haggis!

Cpl Knott in the trenches with the Scots at War.

Why are were focusing on the First World War? Our unique learning programme takes in over 390 years of Scotland's military history, with many of our school and community workshops journeying participants through the World Wars to compare with the experiences of our modern SCOTS. These films serve as a valuable resource for teachers exploring the First World War and will give learners a greater understanding of how uniform was worn and objects used.

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