The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands

welfare support

there are a number of welfare organisations that veterans can access for support.

This page contains information and advice for serving soldiers, veterans and their families.  It is intended to provide information on the assistance available from the Regiment and other charities.  The larger service charities as well as providing direct assistance, can sign post those in need to a range of specialist service and non-service support, Local Authorities and Government Agencies.

Mental health is a significant issue for many serving personnel and veterans. It can affect anyone, at any time; regardless of age, experience or rank and can make life extremely difficult for individuals, their friends and families.  Please visit our Mental Health page for further information.

The Regimental Welfare Team in RHQ SCOTS consists of a Regimental Welfare Officer and Regimental Welfare Administrator. We work in support of the Battalions and Unit Welfare Officers, helping when required.  We play a part in ensuring the successful transition of those soldiers who are Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) in the support of Personnel Recovery Units (PRUs) and the Battalions. RHQ source and provide additional funding outwith the MOD to help WIS personnel settle into civilian life.

Welfare support is also available to all veterans of the Regiment and their dependents. The Regiment is determined to provide the best welfare support possible to the families of those injured or killed as a result of their service and families are strongly encouraged to contact the Regimental Welfare Officer if they find they require assistance of any sort.

There are several links contained on the welfare site that will take you to various agencies dealing with issues ranging from re-training, recruitment, employment and mental health or Contact us directly. However before doing so, please read the following information about other methods of seeking our help as these maybe more appropriate for your specific cases.

Serving Soldiers

Serving personnel and their families should always contact their Unit Welfare Officer (UWO) in the first instance if they have a welfare issue. The UWOs and their teams have the experience and expertise to help and most problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently. The serving community is also catered for by the Army Welfare Service (AWS) and numerous service charities, Poppyscotland (Scotland based personnel), The Royal British Legion (TRBL) and SSAFA. Your UWO will be able to guide you in the event of these organisations being required in helping you resolve your welfare issue.

Veterans and Families

Veterans who served in The Royal Regiment of Scotland and who require welfare assistance should contact either Poppyscotland, The Royal British Legion (TRBL) or the Soldiers,Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA).  A case worker from one of these organisations will assess your requirements and, if necessary, approach the Regimental Welfare Office on your behalf. If your need falls within the objectives of the Regimental Charter, we will offer financial assistance via the case worker organisation. Poppyscotland, TRBL and SSAFA have professional trained and experienced case workers who are best placed to assist you and who have access to many other service and civilian charities and agencies as well as to RHQ SCOTS. It is not possible for RHQ SCOTS to deal directly with welfare for veterans and applications for assistance must be made through, or