The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands
SCOTS Memorial in Canongate Kirk
August 2, 2022

An oak memorial board created to commemorate SCOTS killed as a result of enemy action has been presented to the Regimental Kirk at Edinburgh’s Canongate.

The board, on loan from the Museum of The Royal Regiment of Scotland, lists the names of the 23 members of the Regiment killed whilst deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. The names include Private Craig O’Donnell, who became the first casualty of the Regiment when killed in action in September 2006, and Private Stuart Collins, who in 2021 succumbed to wounds sustained in Afghanistan in February 2010.

The board was commissioned by Lt Col (Retd) Gordon Vevers (SO2 Heritage) and Maj (Retd) Norrie Mackinnon (SO2 Welfare) as a mobile memorial reminiscent of those used during deployment. Known to signify longevity and endurance, the oak was supplied from the Grangehall Estate, Forres, Moray by Maj Gen (Retd) AP Grant Peterkin, a former Queens Own Highlander.

Both due to it’s role as Regimental Kirk and it’s antecedent connections to The Royal Scots and King’s Own Scottish Borderers, the Canongate is a fitting home for this special item.

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