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Finding Where to Live

If you are moving to a new area this will help you tick odd the things you need to do to make that go smoothly.


Where shall I live?

  • What is my budget?​
  • What are the local house prices?​
  • How far away are my family?​
  • What is the schooling like for the children?​
  • What are the local health services like? (GP, Dentists, Hospital, Clinics etc)?​
  • What are the local facilities/ amenities like?​
  • What are the local transport links to get to school, work, leisure activities?​

Should I buy or rent?

  • Read this article on renting v buying:​

Rent or buy – which is the best option for you?

Buying a house?

  • View these full step-by-step checklists for buying a house:​

How to buy a house?

Buying a House?

Renting a house?

  • Read these articles on renting a house:​

How to rent
How to rent checklist

Where can I find out more?

  • Try these sources for more information:​

Buying a home process
Housing Options Scotland – Military Matters
New Supply Shared Equity scheme
Open Market Shared Equity scheme