The SCOTS on exercise in the Scottish Highlands


What do I need to do to sign off?

Here is the Service Leaver's checklist, for further information please speak to your unit RCMO or find further detail in the Service Leaver’s Guide.

The Service Leaver’s Guide contains information on the discharge process and the information you require to help make the transition out of service as smooth as possible.

Service Leaver's Guide


6-9 months before you leave

  • Arrange to have a final medical at you current unit
  • Arrange a final dental examination
  • Arrange a Resettlement Officer Interview
  • Arrange move from MOD accommodation on discharge
  • Arrange AFPS Form 12 for Pension forecast
  • Submit AFPS Pen Form 1 for Pension benefits
  • Plan repayment of service public debt

3-6 months before you leave

  • Review draft Certificate of Service and Reserve Liability
  • Make sure your JPA record is accurate

1-3 months before you leave

  • Attend final medical examination
  • Update post-discharge contact details
  • Contact the mail office with forwarding address
  • Record Data Protection Legislation Compliance preferences
  • Claim refund of any resettlement fees
  • Check medical and dental documents are with discharging unit
  • Register with an NHS GP and dentist
  • Make sure completed AFPS Pen Form 1 is returned
  • Check unit exiting process
  • Get a copy of your Testimonial (Form 108)
  • Return all appropriate clothing and equipment
  • Leave MOD accommodation
  • For eligible Foreign and Commonwealth personnel prior to last date of discharge, confirmation indicative letter from Home Office for the officer or other rank (and separately for spouse/civil partner and dependants) granting 28 days 'Leave to Remain' in the UK if ILR or LLR has not been granted
  • Defence Reform Act 14 Election

In your last month

  • Take Terminal leave
  • Return Armed Forces ID Card (if you wish to retain your ID card contact your Unit HR to 'clip' the card in accordance with 2018DIN01-072
  • Make sure your JPA record is accurate